Pro-Sight is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of inspection machines and glass container handling equipment.

Our small, flexible and mobile glass inspection machines provide innovative solutions for bottle manufacturers who require the ultimate confidence that their containers are defect-free. Our product offering is supplemented by a range of cold end ware handling systems, engineered to offer the quality and consistency you require.

Inspection Machines

Pro-Sight Two

Dual Camera Universal Inspection System

  • Side wall, shoulder, neck or ring inspection
  • Defect or region specific
  • Mobile - can be moved from line to line
  • Option to add stress inspection

Finish Inspector

  • Sealing Surface / Finish Inspection
  • Mobile - Can be moved from line to line
  • Non-contact - no need to rotate the bottle

Wall Thickness Measurement

Hot & Cold End

Single sensor used to measure either Hot or Cold Bottles

  • 5 to 500 degrees Celsius
  • Full bottle scanning
  • Up to 200 measurement points per bottle
  • User friendly set-up
  • Accuracy to 0.01mm

Base Inspection

  • Single Camera
  • Base Inspection System
  • Can be mounted over a break in your conveyor, or with a Pro-Sight supplied ‘Bolt-On Bypass’ with Carryover

Base Code Reader

Mould number rejection by reading alphanumeric code on the base of the container.

Can be mounted over a break in your conveyor, or with a Pro-Sight supplied ‘Bolt-On Bypass’.

  • User Friendly set-up
  • Up to 200 BPM
  • Optional bolt-on bypass removes
    the need for a break in your conveyor

Mould Fin Detector

Sensors that detect and reject containers with sharp seams, pinched necks or offset moulds.

Can be installed on your existing rotating machine
(EG: M machine, FP, Check Detector)

  • User Friendly Set-Up
  • Up to 200 BPM
  • Reject counter with alarm

Pro-Sight 4V

  • 4 x Camera Inspection System
  • Base Defect Inspection
  • Base Stress Inspection
  • Sealing Surface Inspection
  • Base Mould Number Reading
  • User Friendly Set-Up
  • Speeds to 300 BPM
  • Includes Separator, Carryover & Reject

Ware handling devices

Servo Orientator

User friendly high-speed Orientator with integrated bottle separation

Upstream and downstream line control & automatic belt speed tracking up to 350 bpm.


  • Enables Base Inspection and / or Base Mould Number Reading
  • Optional bolt on bypass removes the need for a break in your conveyor

Star Wheel Separator

  • Reversible wheel for left or right hand operation
  • With or without control panel
  • Direct drive

Reject Station

  • Air Blow-Off Option
  • Cylinder Push-Off Option
  • Quick and Easy Fixing to Your Conveyor
  • 24Vdc or 110Vac Valve Options
  • Simple 3 Axis Adjustment
  • Solid Design

Scroll Separator

  • Heavy Duty Drive
  • Robust Gearbox
  • Precise Spacing
  • Range of Diameters


We also design & build bespoke systems and would be happy to talk with you about your needs


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